A Guardian for Minor Child

Minor child is child who has not reached a certain age, which is different from one country to the other. For example, in the United States and also the United Kingdom, child who is called as minor child is those who are under the age of 18 years old. The child, who is minor, is under the law named legal guardianship. It is the law which makes the child, whether he or she wants or not, to be take cared by a person who is assigned to be his or her legal guardian who will work under the legal guardianship for a child.

There are certain condition which makes a person be responsible in the legal guardianship for a child. One of the examples is when the child parents are both died; there will be another person, usually the relatives or someone else who is trusted fully by the parents, who will be assigned as the guardian of the child. Usually, the appointment is done before all of the parents died. The process of the appointment is not just be done by the parents and the person who will be appointed, but it also involve the court as the representation of the country.

The duty of the person who is working under the law of legal guardianship for a child is including several aspects. In the financial aspect, the guardian has a duty to manage the money of the child which is inherited by the parents. Not only the money, must the guardian also take care of the assets which are also inherited by the parents to the child. The guardian also has duty to take care of the child welfare. The guardian should always take care of the child since he or she is now becomes the representation of the child’s parents.


legal information about minor children

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